Thursday, 13 August 2009

thank you Ovations…from the bottom of my feet!

wow!! A while ago I came across the Ovations for the Cure site, which has a blog and a ton of information for women having to deal with ovarian cancer. The girls who run it are constantly busy doing stuff to raise both awareness and funds. And they are so friendly!

Find them on Facebook here. And there's a link to their site on my  list down the right hand [see: ''blogs I follow'' & ''Places to find info and advice''].

Anyway, in addition to all the other stuff they do, they have the Happy Feet program – and today I got my very own pair of happy feet! Which I am now wearing. These slip-ons, jewelled with Swarovski crystals are for women having chemo and are also free to survivors as a way of helping their road to recovery be more comfortable. And they DO make you feel rather special. Yay me for surviving!

They are designed by Stuart Weitzman, see below. Sorry about the actual feet inside them ;o)


And in the same package there is a bracelet which fits my ankle rather well, and a beautiful little badge and an awareness car sticker, both of which you can buy here. It's like Christmas today!


Look – even underneath they are cute! Dogs!


Gorgeous!! Thanks so much girls, I love them to bits!

"You can sponsor a pair of happy feet today too. Ovations asks for your donations to sponsor Happy Feet recipients, as requests are coming in every day. Happy Feet is a self-funded program, so we appreciate your support. Sponsor a pair of Stuart Weitzman designer ‘Happy Feet’ for $100, which will gift an ovarian cancer patient undergoing treatment. All sponsors will receive a special acknowledgement on the Ovations for the Cure website. Help us put some sparkle in the steps of these women—sponsor Happy Feet today!"


  1. Hey they look nice... I actually applied for some a few months ago but heard nothing.. I've just re applied.. although i feel cheeky as its 2 years now since i finished treatment even though i'm still suffering these blooming side effects :(

    Thanks chuck

    8 days!

  2. they are for Survivors as well as patients in chemo - and you are one, so I am sure they'll send to you. The UK customs charge was £17.21...but worth it :o) They're super!

  3. LOL. Do they come in size 12 wide?

  4. Only up to a size 10 Denise - sorry :o(.
    Thanks for the WONDERFUL blog Sandhy - your the best!!
    Susan from Ovations

  5. Susan!! It's my pleasure - hope you get lots more visitors to your site.
    Thanks again for the lovely shoes!

  6. What a great idea ... love those happy feet.

  7. Those are beautiful, lovely.
    I bet they don't have them for folks with lymphedema.

    I can see them on your feet. That's perfect.


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