Saturday, 29 August 2009

in support of the NHS

I am not very good at following the news or understanding much about politics…actually, that's an understatement – I don't follow it at all – it sort of leaks into my head by osmosis sometimes. And it's usually bad. So I try to ignore it. I have enough problems of my own and don't particularly want to get involved in more or watch a bunch of people lie through their teeth on TV. It just makes me furious. So what's the point? This probably makes me an airheaded ignoramus in the eyes of many. Well, there you go. But at least I can be a cheerful airheaded ignoramus.

Therefore I am probably miles behind [and ill informed] about what is going on here, regarding the huge debate going on in the States; which appears to be: 'What To Do About Our Deplorable Health System'.

And the bits of information I have gleaned from the women I know over there have indicated a sort of demented hysteria of mud slinging, lies and misdirection. So when someone sent me a link about supporting the NHS today, I clicked it instead of deleting it. I was amazed to see a video of what is apparently about one of our own politicians deriding the British NHS system. What?

The only conclusion I can draw is that he has either never been very ill, or that he can afford private medical insurance. [most likely paid for by his 'expenses'? along with a trouser press or two…]. Well, apart from the dreadful 'bias' in his tiny little brain + the fact that his key political influence was Enoch Powell - is that a disease?? er...probably.

And, naturally, it made me FURIOUS! See, told you…I should absolutely NOT follow the news.

So, I sent the information they asked for, it is [and I quote] "to help Americans consider their own healthcare choices with facts, not fiction about our system". Good idea. Facts are always quite handy.

See the link here.


Last year I had Ovarian Cancer. I had ALL my excellent treatment, scans etc FREE. I didn't have any financial worries to add to my health worries. I didn't have to beg an insurance company for my life. I didn't have to fill in hundreds of forms, make hundreds of phone calls or remortgage my home. The treatment was first class, and I am now in remission.
If I'd had to find the money to pay for even a part of my treatment, it would have been very difficult, not to mention the additional stress I and my husband would have been under.
I am astounded that anyone's survival could be dependant upon whether or not an insurance company 'feels like' paying for it. No thank you.
I am grateful every day for the NHS - no, it's not perfect - but it's certainly better to have an imperfect system, than to die because you can't 'afford' treatment that may save your life.


  1. thank you!! it is so frustrating to see the lies and distortions passed off as fact.

  2. I did a post exactly like yours in August. Like you, I have had cancer treatment on the NHS and would not be alive without its care.Any insurance company would have given up on me long ago, and I can't get any type of health related insurance at all. I feel like you do- not usually one for making political posts but driven to do so by this debate.

  3. I am the 'worst' at anything political[usually get all the facts wrong!], but as you say, this has made me think harder.

    I can't begin to imagine the stress of having to find thousands of pounds for my treatment on top of having the cancer itself.

    Personally, I LOVE the NHS, as I am convinced I would be dead now if not for the prompt and excellent treatment I had.


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