Thursday, 27 August 2009

life is good

this is an old post – which I forgot to post…chemo brain…so I am posting it now. Why not? It was in response to a question from a fellow blogger. I wrote it, then forgot it. And I just came across it in my files. I am rather glad I did, as it's a cheery post – those are always good!

I am SO glad  my head is joined at my neck or who knows what would happen?


eee – what a week – so normal!! Woop woop for normal!

Still have the stupid pain in my side but I am sort of hoping that's an adhesion and sort of thinking well bollocks to whatever it is i need to have some fun. And we've been having fun – off out to dinner at Judy and Rick's [she has the MOST amazing view from her place] – Rick is bonkers and fits well with Aj – they went for a tandem bike ride?? No comment…horrifying thoughts of lycra shorts come to mind; they arrived back with their hair on end having zoomed down the hill at a zillion miles per hour. Then a bbq here this evening with Julie, circuit training, gardening [and that means climbing around on ladders and in trees etc no "dead heading in a cute frock" in THIS garden].

So, POD, things are good. Life is still a little scary – well, doh…ovarian cancer doesn't let you rest does it [the stats just keep you on your toes – thanks thoughtful scientist types…] and it doesn't let you be positive unless you force yourself – I force it, and the article about the woman who was 20 years out…well what can I say?? Just YAY!

All life is good – I am appreciating it more every day


  1. I have a sleight stitch (discomfort) in my right side but my recent CT was clean so I'm guessing it is scar tissue from the gall bladder operation and/or the debulking. I enjoy reading your blog as you seem to have a really positive spirit! Bless you!

  2. thanks you! I TRY very hard to be positive..some days I fail. But mostly I manage - thanks for the info about the CT. Makes me more confident that mine is an adhesion


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