Friday, 28 August 2009

a meeting long delayed

wow. last weekend was amazing! at long long last I got to meet two of the many OC girls that I've been talking to for ages on the www. Tracey and Rachel.

The first person I got in touch with through my blog after I was diagnosed was Emily. She has her own blog, and after reading it, I felt myself lucky. I got in touch. Unfortunately [or fortunately, depending on your point of view, Emmers couldn't make it as she has a new baby – our 'miracle' baby!]. But I WILL meet her sooner rather than later. She was a mainstay to me when I felt utterly alone. NOT due to lack of support from family or friends, but just because I was the only one who had cancer. That alienates you. And you need to talk to someone who has the same thing as you.

I met my second friend through Ovacome [that would be you Tracey], although I have met a LOT of women with or who have had ovarian cancer through my blog, Tracey was there almost from the get-go too. She just messaged me saying 'if you need a hand, I am here'. No pressure at all – just a friendly hand reached out. Tracey and Emmers were my first contact with other women who knew exactly what I was going through, as they had been through it [and worse].

Annabel was diagnosed at around the same time as me, and we were a sort of foursome, in that we chatted and swapped advice, horror stories and the terror of dying of cancer.

Rachel I met through Emmers a while later – she had OC at 17. She is an amazing person. So young, and yet so strong.

But honestly, this weekend, when we all got together, you'd never have guessed any one of us had had cancer – we had such fun. I met Julie just after my last chemo in August 2008. She came round once a week and helped me get my strength back. And inspired me, as she has had OC too [we are like a bloody plague!], yet she still does football reffing, takes circuit training classes, and is as fit as a fiddle.

And of course, Georgie – Claire's mother, whom I met quite by accident, as Claire saw me in the local paper and messaged me on Facebook. Claire lives about 20 yards from me!

So, we got together in Devon, Georgie, Rachel, Tracey, Julie and I. Plus Claire, her lovely family and Aj [the chef!] for a brilliant weekend of chatting, eating, drinking and laughing. It was so amazing.

I am so grateful for my friends – all of you who are not mentioned here, don't worry, I haven't forgotten you – it's just that I would be making a three hour post if I mentioned you all! :o)

Here are a few pics of the weekend.

The Girls! From left to right: Georgie, me, Tracey, Julie and Rachel.


Julie and Tracey – cracking up…this is sort of Tracey's normal expression...laughing!


Julie, Tracey and Rachel having hot chocolate at the pub…the English Riviera is COLD!!


Saturdays cream tea. Lovely! Georgian Tea Room at Topsham is highly recommended!



  1. It looks like you had a lot of fun!

  2. Sandhy.. it was the most amazing weekend and your hospitality was second to non.

    Me laugh a lot? hahaha i'm just a mad northern woman..

    Thanks again for a fantastic weekend xxxxx

  3. we had great fun - and Tracey it was a delight to have you!!

  4. Thank you so much for an amazing weekend Sandhy! It was really good to see you all. We will have to meet up again soon!

  5. Yo Fski! It was SUPER to meet you, and yes I am already plotting the next meeting! :o) Too nice not to do it again.


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