Wednesday, 5 August 2009

spreading the word…

this is cool! I have been rather honoured with being the Guest Post this week on Dennis's blog, 'Being Cancer'. 

As a matter of interest, his August Book Club Selection; "The Light Within", concerns a woman with ovarian cancer and her female physician. 

light within

He has also added a number of bloggers to the ovarian section [scroll down to it]. I found lots of my friends there :o)

Dennis' blog is quite a mine of information – not just for women with ovarian cancer; as far as I can tell, there's something about just about every type of cancer on there. He has a blog roll, 'Cancer Blog Links', which contains hundreds of blog links grouped by disease type. So you can hook up with other people that are going through the same thing as you are, perhaps getting advice and support from survivors or caregivers.

This is just a quick thanks Dennis. Your site is excellent, your own story is so encouraging  – and anywhere I can raise awareness of ovarian cancer, I am only too happy to be there! I rather wish I hadn't cursed in the middle of the post though…;o)


  1. I see you on my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed that one post. Back then I don't think I had anyone but maybe close family reading it.

    Now, with you, there are 3 of us.
    I've bookmarked you and when I get a moment will start reading.

    Thanks again for your comments.

  2. whaa! I am STILL reading your blog!! you are SO funny - I have been propping my eyes open as it's the middle of the night here...still at August 8, 2008. Back tomorrow.

    You rock. :o)

  3. Are you reading the book club selection also? It is very good. I'm not sure how I'd feel reading it if I had ovarian cancer. Are you still in treatment or finished? Also where are you living? (Over there *points to the UK*)

    I am attending a Courageous Women, Fearless living event near Denver at the end of this month. You should drop everything and come. I have no idea what will happen. No cell phone service and some meditation. I may go nuts!

  4. well, I started reading one very positive book about cancer - and then, half way through it, I discovered the woman who wrote it had died. So that was it for me and books about cancer. Boo. Books about everything else, yes. Read lots.

    Last chemo was 22 July 08. Finished! woop woop! 1 year survivor!

    Denver? Would love to, but I fidget too much to meditate ;o)

  5. oops - yes...over *here* [pointing to a small island covered in LARGE grey clouds]. :o)

  6. Jackals are noisy. Pack members communicate with each other by a screaming yell and yapping, or a sirenlike howl when a kill is located.

    Doesn't that sound familiar? I mean, a siren-like howl?????

    Tell me how you are doing in your next blogpost please.


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