Friday, 28 August 2009

the tv interview…continued

sorry about that – I was just suddenly in 'sleep' mode in the middle of blogging. Went directly to bed!

So, where was I? Ah yes, the TV thingmy. A few weeks ago Amanda Hayhurst from Hayhurst Media called me. Hayhurst Media are the PR company for Ovacome. She asked me if I would be willing to take part in a televised programme about women's health by Tern TV, which would include a section about ovarian cancer. She knew about me from Ovacome, as they are revamping their web site, and I am on the list of previous interviewees. Of course I agreed. Any publicity for this damn cancer may help even ONE woman not to go through what I did. So, "yes" was the resounding [and rather airheaded] reply.

A chap called Keith McCormick called me the next day, and did a sort of 'interview' over the phone…I assume this was to ensure they weren't going to be interviewing someone who couldn't speak. It was great – firstly because the Keith McCormick person had a lovely Irish accent [oops!], secondly because he was extremely emphatic. His follow up email was delightful – he said "But even to speak to you and for me personally to get my head around this type of cancer is really beneficial." That was pretty cool.

Then I had a call from a lovely woman with a wicked Scots accent. She wanted to call round here at 6.00 on Wednesday to do a filmed interview. Eek! That sort of brought it home [I would be on camera?? aaargh] but she sounded nice so I agreed again.

Wednesday arrived, and [this is bad – chemo brain again – I can't remember if she was called Lorraine or Gillian! grr!].  I am sure she won't mind. [but I do!]. Anyway, she interviewed me in our lounge, and it lasted for an age [3 hours?] – afterward I was convinced I talked 'too fast', 'too much' blah blah – and I surprised myself, as at the end I was in tears [ugh – hate that] – as she asked me 'why do you think ovarian cancer should be brought to the public eye more" [not her words, but the essence of what she wanted to know].

I thought of  Grace or Vicky or Jenny going through what I went through last year. It made me feel sick. It upset me a lot. But we managed to trundle through to the end of the interview relatively sedately, so not all bad.

I am one of many women they are interviewing in the same way – SKY TV makes the end decision about what they will or won't use. So it may come to nothing, but at least I know that SOMEONE who has had ovarian cancer will be on the programme – that's the best. Someone will be telling other women, who [like I was before I had it] are completely ignorant of the fact that your annual smear test does NOT protect you from all gynaecological cancers. Only cervical cancer. Ovarian cancer? Ha. No. Unfortunately the annual MOT doesn't test for that. And there is no test for it.

So we need to be like the women who have had breast cancer – we HAVE to advocate our own disease. We HAVE to bring it to the public eye – we HAVE to try to take charge here and make sure other women know about this. The sad thing is that many women who have ovarian cancer don't live long enough to be advocates. This is what we need to change.

So thank you Tern TV for taking the time to interview me. Thank you for bothering to include ovarian cancer in the programme. I know TV programmes are made to make money – I am not naive – but if one can make money whilst helping people to SURVIVE…well. It can't be bad can it?

I will update ad and when I know what's happening.

Here is Grace after we had finished – allowed to look through the camera – most amusing for a 5 year old…she said I didn't look "too weird"…heh heh




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  1. How on earth did i miss this post???

    Just having a rummage through and saw it lurking!

    I'm looking forward to seeing Superstar Sandhy on various tv programmes... remember though, i knew you when you had nowt ;-) hehehe xx


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