Sunday, 15 November 2009

a busy week

This week is going to be entertaining if nothing else. Monday I have a day off – yay. And double yay, as so does Aj! Amazing. A day off together? Woop woop!

Tuesday I have The [Dreaded] Check Up at 3.15. Yay and not so yay until afterwards when they've told me I am ok, and that there's still no recurrence of the blasted cancer. Which is what I am obviously hoping for [no brainer there eh?]. And it seems lots of other people are too, thank you very much all my crazy friends and family. If my results were taken only on my well wishers prayers and hopes, I'd never ever worry. A friend posted this quote this week, and I love it - "Good friends are like don't always see them, but you know they are always there..." Magic. And so true.

Thursday morning at 8.15 [8.15!! fogo!!!], I am doing the interview for SKY Real Lives, 'The Secret Guide to Women's Health' in a house in Notting Hill. Apparently Aj will be ensconced in the 'Green Room' – I hope it has food or he'll be most aggravating heh heh.

All rather organised, taxi from home to the train station Wednesday night after Aj gets home from work at 6.30  [yep, it's changed from Wednesday to Thursday – aaargh], direct train through to Paddington, another taxi waiting to take us to the hotel in Bayswater. We'll get there about 9.30. We have discovered a Brazilian rodizio restaurant right down the road from the hotel thanks to Google [love google!]. We will have dinner there and see if it's as nice as the ones in Portugal, which we LOVE. It is certainly far more expensive than Portugal, so it better be good! Or we'll complain ;o) I best remember to book that actually. Caipirinhas and picanha here we come!


After the TV interview [which is, by the way, with a very FAMOUS person – but I can't tell you who now! Wait with baited breath please…all will be revealed] and with an eminent Professor of Medical Oncology too [also to be revealed – sorry!]. And, my favourite TV person will be there, Lorraine, so I am not TOO nervous! Amazing – that I will meet someone who spends his entire life trying to find a cure for ovarian cancer. Probably [definitely!] I should hug this man and tell him how really grateful we all are – without people like him, men or women, I'd be dead. Thank goodness they are out there. Pretty tedious to die in the middle of things!

Lunch time on Thursday we take the train home from Paddington, and in the evening I am off out with a bunch of cancery types like myself. I am sure by that point Aj will be rather glad to get shot of me. We girls are having dinner at the Port Royal just for fun and to have an evening of nattering. Elly is doing us a special meal, and of course there's a quiz going on, so it should be rather lively. Looking forward to that, as by then, everything else will be done.

One way or the other.


  1. how exciting- good luck with it all and look forward to hearing all about it X

  2. Such a busy week! You won't have time to be bummed about any non-existent b.s.
    I am so proud of you using the word 'cancery.'

  3. heh heh - I am catching it from you!

  4. Good luck for Thursday my luvvly ! How exciting ! Don't be scared you are a star xxxxxx

  5. wow! Spot! you commented on a blog!! heh heheh
    thanks mate


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