Saturday, 21 November 2009

yay my scan appointment is here!

alice-with-bottle-2** image is copyright of Disney

And in the meantime, my CT scan appointment has arrived already. That's what's so amazing about the Exeter RD&E – they don't mess about when you have had cancer. They don't make you wait very long for anything, and that is so great, as waiting around for things tends to cause nightmares – even 'day mares' [is there such a thing?] – thinking horrible things that aren't real while you are awake. I think there is such a thing, as I have them. Hoovering the carpet, I am wondering if the cancer has come back on my bowel. Bah.

So the scan is in December – they sent me a little bottle of stuff I have to take, it resembles the 'drink me'  bottle Alice had. An innocuous brown bottle of diminutive stature. But I have been assured by The Girls that it tastes vile. Drinking iodine. Eww. I usually spray it on cuts! Hey ho, I don't care – it apparently makes the intestines and bowel more visible to the scanner. Can't be bad.  Roll on the scan! I still have the pain in my side, so it will be good to see that it's a 'nothing'. I am going to ask to see the actual scan too – that'll be entertaining – seeing your insides in slices? Gotta be good!


  1. Hope to hear good results on your scan! Keep us tuned. Mine is late December.

  2. you too? well, well be able to celebrate together then! :o)


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