Thursday, 12 November 2009

i don't believe it! robbers in Torquay!

I happily published some bits and pieces about Aj's new business opening last week. In the post there is a photo of an 'A board'. Well, guess what? Since the shop opened, it took just ONE week for some cretin to actually steal it! It cost over £150.00 – plus design and artwork…and WHY would anyone steal it? Are they opening a shop of the same name and just couldn't afford their own? We could have loaned it to them had they asked…grr

If you see this A board anywhere, please ARREST it!! And also the person who stole it – whom, I might add, I am rather hoping will drop it on his toes and have to have foot casts for a month.

What kind of person does this kind of thing to a brand new business? I am sure I have lots of descriptive words that are suitable, but not publishable.

Mutter mutter.



  1. Theiving Robdogs! Probably drunken students doing "for a laugh". Pah. x

  2. I'll give them a laugh all right...grr


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