Saturday, 14 November 2009

four days to go

I am sure  a lot of people reading this blog must be thinking "oh for Gods sake, she's not on about THAT again?" and they'd be right. it's boring for people who don't have to have check ups like this – it's nothing for people who are 'normal'. Good. I am pleased about that. And now I am going to bed. exhausted.


  1. I was just thinking "oh for Gods sake..."
    Then I remembered that it's scary thinking about each trip to the doc. But does all the worry change the outcome?
    I probably sound like an uppity smart-mouth but I think I'm right. I have the same choices you have. I could poop my pants before, or wait and poop my pants AT the doctor appointment. I choose to save the poop for him.

  2. ehehehe - gross! Your poor doctor.

    No, the worry doesn't help anything. It's idiotic. I don't worry ALL the time, and sharing it does help. Blog therapy...

  3. "Oh for goodness sake" if people havent been through it, they'll never know..

    Your always in my thoughts Missis, your my foreign hunny bunny who makes me smile.
    I know you've heard it before but all will be well, my witchy vibes feel it in my water xxx

  4. The more you talk about it, the positive thought's and prayers you have coming your keep talking)Good luck on Tuesday!!!

  5. thanks girls!! big hug
    PS: foreign?? hehehe


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