Saturday, 21 November 2009

frantic week

The day after the check up we went to London to do the interview for SKY real Lives. We were collected by a taxi at 6.00, dropped at Exeter St David's, and took the fast train to Paddington. Another taxi collected us that end, and we shot off to our hotel, where we dumped our bags and promptly made for a pub. London pubs are still 'proper' pubs in the main. None of that cream paint all over the place. Fab.

Here's the pub. It had relief tin ceilings – yay!

black lion

Here's the hotel in Notting Hill. Tiny room but spotless, and the service was exemplary.


On Thursday we had to be 'on location' [chuckle] at 8.15. Which meant a mad frenzy to get up, organised and have breakfast by 8.00. The taxi text messaged me at 7.00 to say they were on the way, and at 7.30 to say they were outside! Deranged – they had to wait, as Aj had a rather scrummy full English. I had croissant and coffee and went out for a cigarette – met the taxi drivers, who were also having cigarettes. They didn't seem too bothered to wait, so everyone was chilled. We met one of the other women in the programme and her Mum at breakfast, Hazel. She is an amazing woman, and made me feel very lucky to be in the position I am in regarding my cancer. She is battered every day by hers, since she was a young girl.

We all arrived at the house in Notting Hill [amazing house – and amazing CAT!! more about him later!]. We did lots of sitting around waiting, but the Tern TV team really looked after us, we had coffee and whatever we needed, and met the resident expert before we went on. He is super – but I can't tell you who he is. Boo. But I will in due course. Here we are waiting in the kitchen. Hazel is the blondie on the far right. Her mum, Gladys is behind her.


Went into makeup, which was more fun – I was lucky, and had the [yep, still a secret] interviewers own makeup artist. I wonder if I can buy her?? A ton of makeup later and I looked MUCH better!

Here I am getting painted up.


The interview itself was quite short, but it was an experience for sure. Isn't it odd that talking about ovarian cancer could be fun? Pretty surreal to say the least. Even more surreal to think that in February I will be on TV. Just because I had cancer.

So, it was interesting and I think we all enjoyed it. Apart from when they showed a clip of Aj talking about me – he was saying all these wonderful things about me, and I had to look away or burst out crying. NOT a good idea. I am so lucky to have a husband who has been so incredibly supportive [and still is] and who it seems, is still in love with me. What more can you ask?

The interview itself was over quite quickly, but it was fun to meet the person who interviewed me – much more down to earth than I would have expected. Rather nice actually!

They have included a picture of the actual tumour in the 'back story' – I have never posted it, as it is repulsive. But apparently that picture may make women think harder and be more aware of this disease. good. I hope so. If even one woman is diagnosed earlier from seeing this picture, this programme, I shall count the time well spent.

So, here it is. Tadaah. Showing some scale – i.e.: the tumour was bigger than my womb. Ugh.


This is a better picture I think. Getting wired for sound here, with Lorraine and the sound tech.


Afterwards we went and had lunch at Carluccios, then another taxi back to Paddington, train home, taxi to the house and collapse.

And in the meantime, I have fallen madly in love! With a cat – a Norwegian Forest cat to be precise – here's the one that was at the house – he was so friendly! And so pretty. Of course, fell for Aj straight away! Aj seems to be an animal magnet…


DSC_0028We now want to get two, but can't find a breeder in Devon. We've even chosen the colours already! It's taken me an age to feel confident enough with my health to even consider buying more animals – I still miss my two Persian cats that I had for 15 years. A different breed will be good, as I can't 'replace' my girls, but I CAN get new cats. And I am sure they'll be good for me. Anyone who knows where I can get some NFC kittens, please let me know!?

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