Thursday, 25 February 2010

ovarian cancer test and BEAT

Yesterday was a bit mad – I heard about OvPlex™, the new diagnostic test for ovarian cancer from Simon. We were discussing his ride and the logos to go on his bike. They are one of his sponsors. After he left I decided to see if it was in the news. Er – no. Not anything sensible anyway. You'd think it would be wouldn't you?

Then I found their web site. Yay me. I read it, thought it an excellent piece of news that needed to be spread, and decided that it was a bit technical to reinterpret. Therefore I copied all their text into a blog post [with references! ooooh], then tweeted it. Yes, I am actually starting to comprehend Twitter at LAST!


Ten minutes later poor Simon rang me and asked me to please call OvPlex as they needed to speak to me about the blog post, and I needed to remove it. I had visions of being locked away for plagiarism, and deleted everything at lightning speed! Blog, Tweet, Facebook blog… [AAARGH!] I also had visions of Simon wondering if he ought to beat me about the head with a cycle pump…anyway…

Rang them post haste, and it turns out their site only went 'live' yesterday, and basically Google search engines would find me before them, as I'd filched their article almost word for word. Uff! I felt terrible, but luckily for me the chap was most understanding, very kind and everything turned out ok. He quite understood how excited I was about such a brilliant test. Actually, we had a nice chat. So!!

If you would like to know about the new diagnostic test for ovarian cancer, please go HERE and read the article. :o) You can order it on-line for £275.00. Seems a lot of money doesn't it? But I'd have paid it if it would have helped me avoid surgery, chemotherapy and sundry other crap.

And, NO, I'm NOT tweeting this!! I am astounded at how fast info travels mind you – it's amazing.

Today I am mainly getting excited about Ovacome's Awareness Launch in March. Ovacome will gain maximum exposure in the national press with a major launch called BEAT which will put ovarian cancer firmly on the radar of women and their GPs. Yippee! Watch this space…


  1. OMG, what a rockstar you are, my dear! I want to grow to be like you. Wonder if OvPlex will make its way here to the US. Will see. Meantime, keep on rockin' Ovacome. Amazing.


  2. Haha! I wish I were a rockstar - imagine! Drugs and parties all night, and sleep all day ;o)
    When the Ovacome BEAT campaign is launched I am going to beg you all to copy/post it too!


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