Saturday, 6 February 2010

SHINE: Saturday the 17th April '10


Hey – bloggers one and all – check this out! Last week a person called Cally emailed me with a view to getting me involved with Shine; getting the word out about this new event that Cancer Research UK have come up with. They have already dropped me a link on their site here – see the blog roll, bottom right. I am just waiting for them to remove my NAME [er – why would I want my name on the internet??] and replace it with the blog title…

Cally works with Cancer Research UK on behalf of an agency called 1000Heads. 1000 heads? one THOUSAND? How do they ever make a decision?  hmm. Anyway.

Shine is a night-time fundraising walk through Manchester. It’s unique in that it allows people to directly support one of twelve types of  cancer  [unfortunately for all the other types of cancer?], or there's an option to support the general work of  Cancer Research UK – this is including ovarian cancer [handily], which is obviously of  particular interest to me.  It’s also the first time Cancer Research UK  are using social media heavily around an event. Given that people from beyond Manchester - like  me [and lots of you!] – may not be able to make the event they’d still love to get us involved, by simply helping spread the word online or offline.

That's where you all come in. By the way, if you're a 'Twitterer' [is there such a thing? well, there is now – I am a dictionary unto myself…] type into twitter the hashtag #shine2010 - you will see some of the things people are tweeting about Shine.

Cally has asked me to do a 'guest' post, just about cancery stuff. No problemo! She has also promised to dedicate a post to ovarian cancer awareness month and find out who is walking in support of this cause [probably not me if I manage to get arrested for sitting on my roof in teal underwear…].

So. Help me spread the word would you? Saturday the 17th April is the Shine walk in Manchester. I might be there…then again I might not ;o)


  1. Hi Sandhy, I'm writing a little to you in my blog. It'll post as soon as I'm done. I hope that is ok.


  2. Laura - thank you!! :o) Have a FAB trip!!

  3. I want to say hi to you and thank you for your blog...I happened upon it while reading "Life in Windermere" blog. I want to pass along my very best wishes to you in this fight of yours. My older sister died from ovarian cancer in 2008, quite suddenly (only 3 weeks from diagnosis to her death). Ovarian cancer is very personal to me. My thoughts and prayers are with you...sincerely, Cathy

  4. Cathy - I'm so sorry. That's horribly sudden. Thank you for the comment and your wishes.


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