Tuesday, 2 February 2010

update part 01

First thing is, it's GOOD news! Second; this will probably be a bit fragmented. I am still full of anaesthetic and pain killers. So I will write between sleeping. I have to walk about a bit, as much as I'd like to stay in bed all day so trundling up and downstairs to my office seems good exercise. Just have to go slowly. So many people have asked for an update, and here is the easiest place to tell everyone all in one go. Between nodding off!

Yesterday. We arrived at the hospital at 8.00. My surgery was scheduled for 3.00. No eating after 7.30, no drinking after 11.00. The Ward Nurses were not happy; I could have gone in at 11.00, as it was I sat in the waiting room for 4 hours before they could put me in the Day Ward. Then another 3 hours in there. Happily I met a lovely woman and we chatted all morning, so the time went quite quickly. She was on the same schedule as me, except her surgery was at 1.30.

Yawn. Time for a kip.

In the Day Ward we got into our hospital gowns [a new, sort of oriental design that covers your butt – thoughtful!] and the snazzy white DVT knee socks. There were 10 of us all sitting next to our beds. It seemed confusing as there were two women supposedly first on the list. Hmm – then a major frenzy occurred at about 12.30. Anaesthetists and surgeons descended upon us like locusts! TWO surgeons. Good. Two lists. I was third on Mr Renninson's, and my time moved from 3.00 to 3.30.

I saw the Anaesthetist, Dr John Saddler, first. As usual, a wit. Seems to me Anaesthetists are always pretty chuckalicious chaps. Then I saw Mr Renninson, my surgeon. He ran through the procedure, we discussed the book I am reading as he is reading it too, he got me to sign the release forms and told me he would come and tell me what he saw as soon as I was coming round. He said if he didn't see anything cancerous, he wouldn't bother with a biopsy. Aaargh! What? So I asked him to PLEASE just do it anyway, as he would be in there rooting about, so why not have that extra assurance? He said he'd see, and he also said I am his favourite patient!! That was nice of him. He is for SURE my favourite surgeon!

Sorry, I am not getting far fast with this – I started at 8.30 and it's now 12.00. I keep wandering off. I have managed to sleep a bit and do some washing in between. And eat more painkillers. And I am now going for more sleep!

Right – where was I? Oh yes. So, off I went to surgery, actually at 3.15 – managed to see the FH, who popped back, but only for a minute. I came round about 40 minutes later, and I am sure it was 2 minutes after that that Renninson shot into the room, beaming his little head off and informed me he couldn't see ANY CANCER!!! Then he rushed off again with the promise he would see me later. Whoosh!

He had a Noddy hat on?! A red and blue striped beany. I will never forget it.

I couldn't believe it. I burst into tears which promptly threatened to drown me, as I still had the oxygen mask on. And that is the best news we have had for what seems like forever. I just wanted to rip the mask off, find the FH and tell him. I did manage to give him the thumbs up as they wheeled me past him on the way to recuperate in the Day Ward. His little face was a picture – I'll never forget that either.

More details later. He had to do a bit of chopping and slicing. I have pictures!! And stitches. Ugh.

I will still be a LITTLE worried until I get the biopsy results in a few weeks, but Mr R is pretty reassuring. If he says no cancer, well…I am 98% there. More sleep now, as everything is rather hurting. But I am The Bomb!! No cancer??…woo hoo!


  1. Wooooo Hoooooooo! So pleased for you :D

  2. Yay Sandhy!! That is so wonderful!!! I am jumping for joy for you (since I know you can't jump) ;)

    Now make sure you heal properly, and do not go back to circuits until the doc gives his ok.

    Big celebratory cyberhugs! You made my day with this news :):)

  3. Fantastic news mate... I'm so chuffed for you xxx

  4. Thank good everything it's fine with you! (I always get a bit worried when you don't reply to my e-mails because I know that something is going wrong with you).

    Big Mwa

  5. WOO HOO indeed!!!!! :-D

    SO pleased babe, I can't tell you how much. You blinkin deserve to have good news and to finally be able to start to breathing again.

    Gentle, non-stitch rupturing hugs xxx

  6. So very happy for you. You are a true inspiration and a great source of comfort and sometimes comic relief. My sister has stage IV ovarian cancer and she just started this journey 7 months ago. You are doing a very good thing with this blog.

  7. Mary Beth - first, big hugs to your sister. Second, thanks very much - I do sometimes wonder if I bore everyone to tears with my constant whittering ;o)

    Your sister could get in touch. We are quite a big group on Facebook and it might be nice to chat. Or here. Sending her lots of positive thoughts - she can beat it.

  8. congratulations! what amazing news. bet you're sleeping reeeeeally well now.

  9. Awesome News! I am so, so happy for you - no make that so ,so chuffed!

  10. chuffed to bits - and I have been sleeping on and off since I got home. More sleep than I've had in months! yay!

    thanks girls

  11. Excellent news ... so happy for you.


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