Sunday, 31 January 2010

preparing for the Great Chopstick Attack

Well, I just went through the rigmarole of Getting Ready To Go In. Nice long soak in the bath – in lovely birthday bath stuff from Neal's Yard. Wash my demented hair. Remove all make-up, all jewellery, which I hate doing, as I never ever remove my wedding ring or the necklace FH gave me for our first wedding anniversary. But they taped my rings last time, so I am hoping they will do the same this time.

Remove nail varnish; quite gross as my nails are so long, but only for one day, so not too bad. Tidy up everywhere. Set my alarm – have to be there at 8.00, and can have my breakfast as long it's before 7.30. Then nothing but water or black coffee until after the Great Chopstick Attack. I am going to STARVE!! Program the Ward phone number into both our mobile phones. Put them on charge. Find the letter I have to take with me.

Dig out the long, loose Monsoon dress and the big fur coat for coming home in. Don't fancy wearing anything home that'll squash me. And I will be freezing…

Pack a bag;

  • big fat fluffy dressing gown – check
  • frumpy pink nightdress – check
  • hospital 'specials' [frumpy black knickers from M&S!] - check
  • Havaianas [no slippers!] – check
  • iPhone charger [it eats battery on the internet] – check
  • book – check
  • wash bag [in case I have to stay there - eek] - check

Specs to read, ciggies in case I get a chance to sneak out [doubtful!], money – not much, but in case.

Now to remain calm and get a good nights sleep. Doubtful too. But I will get plenty of sleep the day after as anaesthetic knocks me for six. The FH has done rather well in not killing me this last few weeks – I am sure he'll be grateful for the Unconscious Wife for a while, as averse to the 'Gibbering Nervous Wreck' or the 'Vacant Eyed Zombie'  ;o)


  1. Your hospital list looks just like mine- especially the iPhone charger. Mind u- I also have furry bed socks. I get told off by the nurses for buzzing round in them. You might slip ( drone drone). Thinking of you x x

  2. haha!! where better to slip eh? ;o) ta Jo


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