Thursday, 21 January 2010

another step in the right direction

Yesterday was one of those days that contained an Interesting Occurrence. You know how I just love those.

The Triage nurse phoned and did the pre-op. I appear to be scheduled for the 1st of February. All being well, I will be out that afternoon. I have been reading up on laparoscopy a bit more, as I appear  to have lost the 'Handy Hint' document supplied by Mr Renninson. Or I put it somewhere safe. That's always dangerous. I am clearing out my office, so I won't be able to find anything four months.

Lets hope it is as simple as it seems – not looking forward to the after effects of the CO2 insufflation. Urgh. I have the peppermint tea at the ready. It makes the kitchen cupboard smell lovely.

I decided to do some cleaning. Which is when it got Interesting. I collected the Hoover from the upstairs cupboard, raced back down our beastly spiral staircase and tore a massive lump out of the back of my foot! I slipped off one tread and smashed it downwards on the front of the riser. At first it didn't hurt, then it felt a bit odd, I looked at it and blood was pouring everywhere! As soon as I saw that, it started to hurt like hell.

Thank goodness for tiled kitchen floors. Blood everywhere. I cleaned it all up, pressed the rather large flap of skin back into the gaping hole in my heel, then sat on the floor and burst out crying! What?

As I was there, I decided it could be good to have a really GOOD cry – and proceeded to do just that for half an hour. About everything – we are so tired of stuff going wrong. It's becoming a bore.

Today – more office clearing – I have one million catalogues, adverts, invitations, data c.d.'s…you name it. 3 big black bin liners of papers out the door and I am finally seeing some light at the end of the chaos! Unfortunately I can't say the same for the dining room table, which is swamped. That's tomorrows job. Sorting out what I need and binning the rest!


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