Monday, 25 January 2010


wow, what a nice day! I got up, had my breakfast prepared by the FH, did the 'Thriving and Surviving' Online Workshop and Study, supported by The Bonita Trust [this is an online study done by Macmillan Cancer Support, in partnership with Stanford University School of Medicine in the United States]. It is hopefully going to help us cancery types to 'cope' better. A 6 week, highly-interactive, online small-group workshop designed to give us ways to make our lives less stressful and more rewarding, and to give us tools to take care of our health. Gotta be good. Will report back on this. Chuffed  to be accepted, as only 24 people were. Must have been LOADS of applications.

So. Birthday stuff. Had a book I REALLY wanted from the parents. I've been waiting for the translation for ages. Chuffed. untitled

Lots of cards, emails, phone calls and an amazing amount of messages on Facebook! Thanks peeps!  I WILL get back to you! Promise…

The FH took me to The Warren Inn for lunch.

DSC_0008 I had Haggis! Never had it before, and as it's Burns Day, I felt it a good choice. Always nice to try something new – and it was scrumptious! Unfortunately I looked for the recipe afterwards…hmm. Delete THAT from the brain!! Haggis with neeps and tatties…yay!! Always good to eat ALL the bits of an animal if you must insist on killing the poor creature in the first place. FH had turkey and ham pie. I reckon my choice was best.


After a rather interesting drive through the Moor [there's a miniature Pony Club out there!! Great for The Granddaughter], I had to go and have a nose and throat swab at the GP's. Fascinating. It's a new thing they do, check one for MRSA before surgery – the poor nurse was going bezzo, as she didn't have the correct forms to send off all this snot and saliva with. She called the RD&E, and we are hoping for the best!

Then circuit training. Uff! But at least that burnt off the old Haggis eh? And I came home to a stunning Pinot Grigio [more pressies! thank you Julie!].


And my new and uber cool kettle! Julie went mad – had a frenzy at Darts farm – bloody nice kettle!! I will be making her a coffee with it tomorrow to christen it.

aga kettle

And last but not least, more flowers. From Judi – so nice. Loved today – I think I'll just have a birthday every day!



  1. Haggis!!!
    Nothing like baby by-product as a birthday lunch.
    Happy after-birth(day).
    love you and your comments. There are days when you make my day. Chuffed. hhahaha

  2. Ah, you don't know what you're missing woman! ;o)

  3. What a fab birthday haul! Glad you had a good one x

  4. ta, it was!! book is brilliant - everything else too...I am spoiled!


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