Thursday, 21 January 2010

trash therapy

I have discovered that throwing lots of things away is very therapeutic. Tomorrow I am going to throw stuff away all day.

Oh, deleting works too…lots of that going on here! Delete delete – yippee!



  1. I've discovered Freecycle - very therapeutic! Would you like an old desk to fill that sapce you're creating?

  2. no thank you!! :o) I have seen Freecycle - quite good!

  3. Getting rid of "stuff" is very therapeutic. Problem is, I think the stuff reproduces when I am not looking. I can't count how many sacks and boxes of things I took down to the thrift shop this past summer. And it hasn't made a dent. There will be more to do! And I WILL do it! lol

  4. I find getting rid of stuff is so therapeutic for me now... at one time it was therapeutic in collecting this stuff. Life is so weird.


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