Wednesday, 27 January 2010

the long week

pigtailed_girl_in_diving_suit_by_kisaruImage copyright Kisaru

I am sure I've never endured such a long week. When I am on holiday they definitely don't last this long! Why's that then?

Then after Monday's laparoscopy, it'll be the next WAIT for the biopsy results. The uncertainty is doing my head in. I am incapable of rational thought. I can't DO anything. And the things I do get done are very slipshod; it's as if all I am actually capable of is waiting. That's ridiculous. But all the same, it's true. I feel like my head is full of mayhem. I have taken to reading a lot. Trying to accomplish something, even if it's just finishing a book. And not thinking too much. But thinking a LOT.

My feet are always freezing because I still can't wear shoes. I need to clean the house and go grocery shopping. But I am worried about catching a cold from some germy tyke whilst I am about it. Perhaps I should wear one of those white mask things? That would go down well at the supermarket heh heh. Or an oxygen tank. A diving suit!

Perhaps I'll just sit in front of the washing machine and watch the clothes going around – at least THEY will be doing something! Maybe whilst wearing the diving suit.  What am I even doing up? I should have stayed in bed.



  1. Sigh. I know exactly what you mean. I like your diving suit idea!! It would have the added benefit of maybe keeping people away with their silly questions that become so annoying after a while. Even if they tried to talk to us, we could just pretend not to hear them, since we have that helmet on our heads... :)

    Big hugs, and lots of wine...

  2. yes. people can be annoying with questions...maybe add a small bat to the suit? ;o) I am sure they mean well, but...

    hope your scan went well today and looking forward to GREAT results on Friday sweetie :o)


  3. Big squeezes from all of us here. Fingers and Toes are firmly crossed for you. xx

  4. thanks sweetie! can I have a video of that?? ;o]


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