Saturday, 23 January 2010

three times lucky?

hmm. This week, I am the proud owner of three horrid things.

One: an 'abnormality' in my abdomen. That's sort of the worst one. But we try not to think about that!

Two: a big lump of flesh removed from the back of my ankle. Which has STILL not stopped bleeding!

Three: a great bloody scab on my knee – where I smashed it on the desk drawer yesterday. I only noticed this in the bath this evening.

I am actually quite a disaster prone person. I have walked in my sleep a lot – once I fell down the stairs and broke my ribs in the middle of the night. That was an amusing visit to the A&E. X-rays. Painkillers. 

Another time I fell and smashed my forehead open, knocking myself unconscious – I bled a thick pool of blood on my office floor before waking up in it [sort of glued to the tiles - yuck] thinking I'd been murdered. Handily, I hadn't been, but I was concussed for sure – I woke the FH and told him I'd called the police [which I hadn't]. He was a tad startled by my grim visage – blood pouring down my face – not very attractive. Another visit to the A&E…stitches this time.

I constantly stub my toes, rip my fingernails out at the quick and bash myself on things. I always have at least one bruise, cut or scab. Somewhere.

But I am thinking this is a good thing – the next 'thing' has to start a new roll doesn't it? A good one…and that has to be my biopsy.

Here is my nice thing of the day! A stunning bouquet of flowers from the FH for my birthday…wish you could smell them..they are divine!




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  1. Lovely, lovely roses! May your 'abnormality' turn out to be something simple, simple, simple to take care of. Bless you. In the meantime, enjoy the beauty of the roses!


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