Friday, 15 January 2010

the procedure

I am writing this post mainly for my friends in Portugal. The translation of certain medical terms is complicated, and I really want them [you! I know you're reading this girls :o)] to know exactly what is happening / going to happen.

I keep getting emails from them, worried and confused as to what precisely is going to happen to me. Oh they make me feel like a Rock Star!


Step 1:

The pre-op. This is when they ask you all about how you are NOW. Usually you have to report to the hospital for this, but as Renninson [my surgeon] is away on his holidays, this is not possible. So what will happen is this; a triage nurse will call me and run through what she can by phone. Everything else [blood tests etc] will be done on the morning of the surgery. This is a good thing, as the RD&E is full of the vomiting bug! I really do not want to be there if I don't need to.

Step 2:

The surgery is scheduled for the 1st February. It is to be a laparoscopy. Renninson will try to take a sample of the 'thickening' they found on the original CT scan. This could be complicated due to the scar tissue I already have. The original hysterectomy, oophorectomy and Salpingo-oophorectomy was a massive surgery, and caused a lot of chaos in my abdomen. There is a LOT of scar tissue in there. He may not be able to get past/through it to the site of the problem. IF he can't, I will have to have another type of surgery – the same as I had when I had the original cancer removed. I DO hope not, as that scar has just healed well, and I do not wish to do the 'sardine tin' thing again…i.e.: chopped open from navel to pubic bone.

So, I am hoping he can get the sample of the 'thing' with the laparoscopy.

Here is a picture of the laparoscopy:


Looks like metal chopsticks!!

Step 3:

The biopsy. Once they have a sample of the 'thing' they will core biopsy it, and then we will know exactly what it is. 

After the laparoscopy, we will then simply await the result of the biopsy. Hoping it is scar tissue and not a recurrence of the hideous ovarian cancer. Keep your fingers crossed girls!


  1. Good luck Sandhy. We are thinking of you. I hope he's planning to take a large a biopsy as possible!

  2. thanks Lousue, me too! Ideally he'll discover it is a left over glove from the last surgery and remove it ;o)

    Oh, and is your Blogger Profile unavailable for any particular reason?


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