Friday, 22 January 2010

letters [in scary brown envelopes]

Go back! Listen to the music! Take the time – it isn't much time. Got my hair. For the moment. Got my life – I'm going to keep it. Today I got the letters from the RD&E. Red return address gives it away every time! One was written by Renninson on the 14th January. It is now the 22nd. What? It arrived today to tell me that there was no evidence of any other 'abnormality 'on the MRI scan.


Good thing I rang them a week ago and knew this already – although to be fair, I didn't realise I should be worried! Now I have a 'worry vacuum' – I should have worried, and I didn't!! Aghast! So funny – I was so startled when Gail said "I am SO pleased to tell you…" – I was gobsmacked for a moment. Speechless. Then I got with the program and I was pleased too. If they'd found any other 'abnormalities' I may have had a heart attack. Or died of a massive hot flash – who knows? Can that happen? Death By Hot Flash?

The other letter confirmed my surgery date. And told me not to drink, eat or do anything interesting on the day. Ok. I am getting used to that crap.

Anyway – I filed the date and details in Outlook. Synched the iPhone [this is a MUST for me or I actually forget who I am]. But it was a bit upsetting. Once I'd read the letters, it all became real again [I am good at filing things AWAY]. I was upset – I wanted to phone the FH and ask him to come home. Of course I didn't. But I was crying – still opening mail. Slash slash. I opened the last bit, and what? A little Origami style packet. Hmm. I opened the initial [hand made] envelope. There was a card and another painstakingly wrapped parcel. Addressed to 'Zandra'. Ha! I knew who this was from – but I thought it was a birthday thing. Seems it wasn't. Just a friend thing [just?? er – not].

I opened it and there was a sweet card and the most amazing thing – a CD of the Very Best of Nina know how I LOVE her.  Aah - 'My Baby Just Cares For Me'…gotta listen with wine! Those were the instructions on the parcel - and who am I to argue? And it has that track - 'Feeling Good'! The anthem for the OC girls. The best best song ever.

Thank you Jacket. You know how 'I Feel'. It's a new dawn, it's a new day – it's a new life…for me. And I'm feelin' good!!

Afterward, I carried on with the Massive Office Clearance – it is now done – just to clean all the cupboard fronts and away we go! Well, I will anyway… yay, a clearer head.

This is for the FH!. watch it – it's so cute :o)…and so true. I have the very Best and Favourite Husband ever.

for my FH.

my baby just cares …for me.


  1. Got my liver - got my life! Love that - thanks for posting it Sandhy!

    I am glad that you have your very own FH. Its a good thing that we all aren't fighting over one :)

    Deep breaths Sandhy, and big hugs from across the pond.

  2. that FH thing ALWAYS makes me think of you - so funny. I remember when I first read it on your blog and I thought 'what?' she has a few of them?? heh heh

    thanks sweetie - means a lot. Just a few more weeks then I'll know where I am. Which will be good, as then either Plan A or Plan B can be implemented! :o)
    Big hug back


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