Sunday, 10 January 2010

bored being stuck indoors?

I am not so grumpy today. Good.

You should have gone shopping with me today if you want entertainment! I usually shop on-line, but they're all back logged with foolish people panic buying, so the soonest I could get a delivery would be next Friday. By that time we would be down to drinking water [if they don't turn it off – there is a lorry in our road with chaps peering ominously at the water leaking through the tarmac] and eating the things that have lived at the back of the larder for 100 years.

So Aj and I went to the REAL [as averse to the virtual] Asda [it's Walmart, but englishyfied] in Newton Abbot. They are constantly jabbering on about rolling back their prices, so we thought we'd check it out. And it's true! They are Winning The Price War. Woop!

But my word that place is chock full of weirdoes. I had 3 hot flashes while I was in there, just holding in my axe murderer tendencies! Had to drink a bottle of Pellegrino off the shelf to calm down – much to Aj's horror, as he was convinced I would be arrested as I hadn't paid for it yet. If I hadn't drunk some, I would have been arrested for GBH. So I ignored him. And paid for it later at the till.

All these people were wandering around as if next week will do, which I suppose to some of them, it probably will. How long does it TAKE to choose a tin of beans?? And as for the cruel beasts  that tied their dogs up outside to wait in the freezing cold – well. I wanted to make all the owners sit naked in the car park for a while. Grr.

Anyway, what? Oh – shopping. As you can tell, I hate it. So does Aj. But we now have stuff to cook, and quite a bit of healthy stuff. Tomorrow is D Day – that is, diet. I have to stop being so pathetic, and get this stone off instead of whining about it whilst stuffing my [rather chubby] face with bread, cheese and crisps.

This is just a rude blog post about the whackos [love that word; whackos whackos whackos woop!] in Asda...and now I am off to roast a chicken! Tadah! Gosh, life's so exciting in the winter ;o)

I forgot these – this is on the way to the hospital for the MRI last week; it's the first time I have actually SEEN the car park…usually it's wall to wall cars. Yay, more boring snow pictures!

On the way…


in the car park…this is the rear of the 'Car That Broke' last week. grr. I should have kicked it then if I'd known.


look! no cars! that's the FH striding off to get the car park ticket.


Here's our garden [just for variety]



  1. Ah, that Grumpiness! Don't you hate it when it arrives! And hangs around! I end up getting grumpy that I'm grumpy. lol. Hope all goes well with your tests, etc. I'm thinkin' of you and praying, too, that all will be well.

  2. yep - being grumpy is irritating - for everyone around me too! :o)
    thanks sweetie.

  3. great to find another wise-a$$ ovarian babe! you think your store was full of wackos - check out if you really want a scare!

    be well,

  4. Hi Sarah!
    wackos has no 'h'? Oops - I am such a Pom. ;o)

    heheh - I think 'peopleofwalmart' needs an extra page called 'peopleofasda'...

    going to check out your blog instead - one look at them all was QUITE enough ta

  5. l'optimiste is a perfect name for you here. I can see why you're a friend of POD! You two are pretty damn tough inside and out. Tough and positive. Two traits that make you super women.

    I'm so happy to meet you! And I'm really hoping that scan turns out OK.


  6. Read this one out loud to the hubby, loved funny!!


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