Thursday, 4 February 2010

scar oil

I am not sure if I have posted this before, but [at the risk of being boring] this is the oil I use on my scar. Rosehip Seed oil [now sold as Rosehip oil for some obscure reason].

Originally I had a different one from a friend in Portugal, but I couldn't source it here once it ran out, so I had to change to this one, and it's brilliant; it doesn't stay on the surface of skin but sinks straight in. And it does seem to work, although as far as I can work out, the actual 'massaging' of the oil into the [healed] scar and the surrounding area helps the skin to flatten and whiten. It's not just the oil that gives the result.

"The massaging is an important part of the process and assists in breaking down scar tissue while increasing circulation to the scar site."

I think it originated in Brazil – and you know what the Brazilians are like for beauty stuff…


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  1. I'll haveto bookmark this post. I used Bio Oil on my Franken-neck scar and while it is looking better I wished I had alternatives. THanks for sharing!


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