Monday, 15 February 2010

please vote and spread the word? only 5 days left!

I know a lot of you go on the Kelly Confidential site already. Sending virtual cakes all over the place to raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Research. Each day you send a cake to a friend, Electrolux donates $1 to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, and you're automatically entered for a chance to win a new induction range.

BUT!! Tadaah – when you go there now, you can ALSO vote for my friend the Cooking Photographer. Laura has just been to New York, met Kelly Ripa and made a fabulous cake with her team. There's even a video, so we can see what she looks like.

Check out the smashing cake! I can't post the video, but you will see it on the site.

cakephotograph by Laura Flowers

Will you vote for Laura's cake "Fall for Me" please? There are only five days left. When you vote you’re entered to win an Electrolux range, and even better than that, $1.00 [0.64 GBP] goes to fight ovarian cancer every time a vote is cast. You can vote once a day until it’s over.

Click the box to sign up and vote:
vote for me

Hope to see the range in your kitchen soon Laura! :o)  Here's Laura and the team:

cooking photographer


  1. Thank-you!

    And the first toast of the evening was to you. I stood up at the Spotted Pig on Monday and we celebrated you. I had wayyyy too much wine lol!

    I have a pin Sandy from Iron Cupcake made and I want to send to you. It says "Cancer Sucks, Cupcakes Rock". If you email me your address I'll send it out asap. My email is

    I wish I could've sent you a piece of cake. It was fantastic! I didn't make that part of course lol.

  2. there is no such thing as way too much wine ;o)
    how cool! I shall be in touch - thanks babe! :o)

  3. Sounds good. Let me know when you send it in case it goes to my spam. Sometimes they do. You need this button, it has good energy. :)

  4. First of all I agree! No such thing as too much wine! lol! Second I registered and voted and will do so each day remaining. Fortunately as I looked at the competitors cakes I truly knew her's WAS my favorite! It would have been perfect in colour and theme for my wedding.

  5. well, you can order one for your next celebration!
    I'm voting for them all every day - we'll win anyway, but more money for the fund that click heh heh


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