Tuesday, 23 February 2010

charity auctions for ovarian cancer

See Chloe's post here: I have stolen some of it, as I like it. :o)

cupcakes Her new LBC charity of the year is Ovacome; Chloe's mother died of Ovarian cancer in 2003 after being diagnosed in 2002 with ovarian cancer stage 4. After 2 years of going to the doctor with unrecognised symptoms.

If you don't know the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer it is easy to mistake them for IBS or pregnancy or just  ignore then entirely as you are too busy to nip to the GP.

Ovarian Cancer is the fourth most common cancer in women, making it quite rare, and it doesn't get enough press. If you ask the majority of people what the symptoms of ovarian cancer are, they probably wouldn't know. I certainly didn't until I was diagnosed myself.

Ovacome have come up with the following acronym to help recognise the symptoms:

The BEAT Campaign

B is for BLOATING – persistent bloating, it doesn't come and go
E is for EATING - difficulty eating, and feeling full more quickly
A is for ABDOMINAL - abdominal and pelvic pain felt most days
T is for TALK - to your doctor. As soon as you can!

I didn't have any pain at all, but definitely bloated, got full up very quickly, and got VERY VERY tired [not all the time, but in sudden attacks of sheer exhaustion]. And I was 'too busy' to go to the GP.

Chloe has pledged to do at least 2 charity auctions on eBay (where 100% of the money goes directly to the charity), another charity raffle in march (Ovarian cancer awareness month) and also give a % of the profits from her card sales. She really wants to get to £50.00, so buy your cards from her here! Maybe she can get to £500!


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