Sunday, 14 March 2010

a fab day at the hairdressers! Ragamuffins Rocks!

what a GREAT day I had on Thursday!! I started off @ 7.30 doing a translation/animation for one of my Portuguese friends – she sent me a PowerPoint that I just couldn't resist editing. That was fun, as I didn't HAVE to do it.  Then I raced over to the Farm, and spent an hour and a half editing an excel document at Hacker Design [freezing my ass + fingers off in the process I might add!]; adding dimensions and weights for packing and postage. Getting on internet shops sites is complicated…Then zoomed back home to receive my grocery shopping [for some reason Tesco decided I needed cream and chive dip??]. Then had a speedy bath [for sanity and defrosting] – then drove over to Kenton, to my hairdressers appointment at 3.15.

Nikki, the owner and hairdresser to the stars [that would be me] is a delight – she chatters away about all the stuff she's doing to your hair as if any of us mere mortals would understand it…and I will understand it once I have researched the site. She coloured, cut and dried my hair – for free?!  It came about because my friend Julie called Ragamuffins Hair Design to enquire about their product [more about that later] and somehow [not sure how] she wangled me a free hair session. I am impressed. Julie, you're a darling. In fact, when I left Ragamuffins, I was in tears – what a kind thing to do. Just when I needed it most along came my Fairy God-hairdresser Nikki! :o) Nikki did it as it's Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, and to use me as an example to her staff.

Here's the hair!


Anyway, Nikki is quite into the Trevor Sorbie philosophy. "Finding a cure for cancer and alopecia is a medical task, but supporting the well being of those people suffering the effects demands much more than a Doctor can provide." This is so true, and when I needed a hairdresser just after my hair started growing back [not to mention when I needed it chopped off], I looked for a Trevor Sorbie place in Devon, and there wasn't one – still isn't, but there will be soon. Yay. She WILL be a Trevor Sorbie salon, and I will post here when she is. Although saying that, I think her personality and empathy already make her the perfect hairdresser for women [or men] who are going through hair loss from chemo, and the resultant chaos of the re-growth. Because she has researched it already.

In the meantime, Nikki made my day. My week – I am now the proud owner of really great looking hair – I would seriously recommend this  hairdressers' to anyone post chemo and also anyone at all. The atmosphere is relaxing, the staff are charming – and they are aware that hair is NOT just about styles - it's also a part of your personality and confidence.

Plus, all the product at Ragamuffins is gentle and nourishing, and has natural ingredients, whilst minimising the necessity for harsh or damaging chemical additives. Chemicals are really BAD after chemo – your poor old head is so sensitive that you have to be very careful of what hair colour you use. And my hair feels a billion times better than it's felt for ages!

Thanks so much girls…


  1. What a super 'Do! And you look lovely!

  2. Rawr!!! What a hottie you are. Nikki did a great job. Bless her!


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