Saturday, 20 March 2010

time management – or not…

Eish, I can't believe this…well, I can, but I have to at least pretend to be startled by my own lack of comms with the general populace! I keep forgetting to reply to emails, do the ironing [oh happy lapse!] and everything else. My office is like a junk yard – NOT nice. It means my brain is probably also in chaos.

I am now madly trying to get lots of products onto lots of web sites. I suppose I could say I 'don't have time' to answer emails / the phone / the door, but probably I would if I were a bit better organised. I keep replying to things, saving them as drafts and then completely forgetting to complete and send the blessed things. As for the phone, I just slam it down if I don't know the person calling. And I threatened a cold caller at my door the other day with Certain Death if he didn't get his ass off my property. I am a grouch. But he didn't appear to understand "I'm not interested". But it became very clear to him VERY quickly…

I am now officially the Marketing peep for Hacker Design and Feelgood Ecobeds. Shriek! I have never done anything like it in my life, and as I am working on a commission plus expenses [and I am a bit of a cheap tart so that's not much] I need to get my butt in gear. Right. Ok.

On another subject entirely, my brother Pete [who is quite organised], and my sister-in-law Tracey [who is as dotty as they come – rather like me], are running the BUPA 10k in London on 31st May 2010. If you can spare a fiver [or a couple of bucks my darling US friends!] please donate. Pete has run a zillion marathons recently – he is like a one man money machine for charities! Way to go peeps.

Here's Pete with me – wearing the beastly wig during chemo. I love this photo, even though I look like a mad woman. Pete had more hair than me then ;o)

Please donate if you can. They are not 'sports' people – they are just trying hard to help others. Thanks!


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  1. you look great... i didn't wear wigs throughout my chemo


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