Wednesday, 3 March 2010

what a week!!

this week I have been wondering if I AM actually unemployed or not?! I am so busy doing 'stuff' I don't know whether I am coming or going. Between trying to tweet this, Facebook that, design things for the FH's shop, for Simon's bike trailer, oil, wax and photograph furniture for Hacker Design…

here's some of our super furniture…the clothes ladder!


hmm…seems I am working right? And I am enjoying it all immensely, bugger there's no pay involved ;o)

And in the middle of all that, BBC Radio Devon rang me yesterday, giving 20 minutes notice of wanting a chat on 'Fitz's Interactive Lunch' about Ovarian Cancer! Aaargh – quickly rang Julie, and thankfully she was on too, so we had a good shriek and then waited for the show.

You can listen to the show here for the next 6 days I think. I just managed to find it and listen to it myself – nothing worse than hearing yourself on the radio! I [as I knew I would] sounded like a frenzied maniac…but that's probably because I am one ;o) I was very nervous. Good fun though, and all for bringing awareness to women, who [like I was] are totally ignorant of ovarian cancer signs and symptoms.

So funny, as first Julie was on, then an email arrived from our Tracey, then I was on, then Claire got them to give a shout for Georgie…we all but took over the program! Cheered us all up for the day.

Next thing is Simon's send off from Dartmouth on mother's day, then the 23rd March SKY TV thing [here]. Gosh – it's all go!!


  1. hey! good for you darling! and sometimes doing things for free is so much more enjoyable don't you think? i'll listen to your radio programme tomorrow - going to have an early night for a nice change. you must be soo proud of yourself! XX

  2. doing things for free is fun, but methinks the mortgage company may not have the same attitude ;o) But Hacker Design is an investment of my time for future recompense.

    no - not proud of myself - but really pleased we are getting the message out there - yay us! My friend Em is in RED magazine this month! Buy one - she's the mum and baby after OC story...mega!!

  3. whew! tired just reading about your doings, ma dear! sooooo awesome! keep at it, albeit no recompense at the moment. all of us are benefitting. bless you!

    (hopefully, the money comes later)


  4. It was great to hear You and Julie on the radio, you're true ambassaders.
    Wow what a busy bee you are, its a wonder you have time to sleep lady xx


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