Tuesday, 30 March 2010

visiting friends

Sunday I was collected from the airport like royalty by Clara and Alvarito. To be transported back to view 'my' new bed, purchased especially for the occasion! Yesterday I had a lovely lunch of bacalhau and planalto with Bella and Lisa. It poured with rain, but that didn't spoil it at all. A nice start to the week.

Today the weather is a bit better. I am having a really relaxed time in Portugal. Just doing whatever I feel like. Whenever I feel like it. Trying to see all my friends at least once before I leave. This morning I walked the 20 minutes down to the same Espinho that I have been staying in every few weeks for the last 10 years. And it was a completely different experience. One of the most startling things being that half the beach has been washed away by the winter seas!


Today consisted of; a fast run up and down the veranda with my new friend Luna. She is like a terrier, so has kill her toys by breaking their necks and shaking them. Then a brisk and freezing march down to the seafront via a lot of small lanes and including a lot of window shopping; I saw lots of things I'd never noticed before. The wind was horrendous, but even that was quite refreshing. I believe I rather resembled Batwoman, as I had on my long black leather coat, which streamed behind me in the gale.

A leisurely 3 hour lunch at the beach, sitting in the sun reading my book and listening to three estate agents discussing the pro's and con's of purchasing property to let in the Porto area vs property to let in the Algarve. Seems Porto wins hands down. Depending on how many glasses of wine one has had with lunch. Watching the reconstruction of the breakwater with what looks like giant cement chicken feet. This also involves a lot of conversation by groups of ['non' hard hat clad] men standing barely a foot from where the crane was dropping the cement things. Only in Portugal…


A quick visit to the Cabelereiros to make an appointment for tomorrow, then the walk back again. This time rather more hurriedly, as the clouds were gathering and I didn't fancy a good soaking. On the way I saw a magnificent lemon tree. The lemons were so big and so yellow I thought they might be fake. And when I realised they weren't I wished for my camera. And that I could pick one. And a small dead bird - with very sparkly feathers...he actually did turn out to be a fake. Some Easter decoration, dropped at the side of the road.

The weather is being unpredictable. Sunny one minute, pouring the next. But it's warm, and maybe the weather will improve. And I still have the evening and the rest of the week to look forward to!  This was this mornings bleak outlook.


This afternoon has turned out lovely, apart from the wind, and how can I resist this face - looks like more death and destruction of toys on the veranda!



  1. Sounds like fun, regardless of weather and toy-murdering dogs. He's cute as a bug!

  2. she is!! think I'll fit her in my suitcase? ;o)

  3. Hi Sandhy. Thanks for reading my story. Sounds like you were very lucky with your diagnosis. I think there is a real problem with the health service here in Scotland - I should have stayed in Exeter (did my degree there!). I really want to help raise awareness about the disease and I didn't realise there is so much going on already. I feel that I want to get out there and do stuff. I'm not on facebook 'cos I hate spending so much time on the computer - I'd rather do things. If you're happy giving me your Email address I'd be happier staying in touch like that x

  4. ok - just got back, off to work this morning - will get back to you later! :)

  5. Hello
    hello Sandhi
    I do not know you, but how have you been in my house, and how my family liked it so much from you, it's like I knew you well..
    I am Catarina the daughter of Toninha(sister of the marina)
    I do not speak English very well so I hope you'll understand.
    I'm here because my mother asked me to leave you a message:
    "Sandhy se eu tivesse mais alma para dar, eu daria... isso para mim é viver.....
    eu sou uma priviligiada por te ter conhecido obrigada pela PAZ que nos transmitiste cá em Portugal..."

    now in english:
    "Sandhy if I had more soul to give, I would ... for me it's live .....
    I am a privileged for having known you thanks for the peace we pass here in Portugal ...."

    After carefully reading all your story.
    After my mother talks like you, I really want to know you!

    "Beijnhos de todos nos!!"
    Kisses from us all

    Catarina and Toninha


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