Thursday, 4 March 2010

a wonderful story of hope

I remember meeting my friend Emily on the internet – I think we met through her blog. I had been looking for something positive, as averse to dry clinical articles that told me I'd be dead within 5 years.

Em's blog was a far cry from that and I loved her determination. It was exactly what I needed, having been recently diagnosed.I read it all, cried through the twins, laughed at some of the other remarks and happenings, and decided to make my first 'blog comment'. Braving the new world [for me] of blogging was quite extraordinary.

Then we got in touch on Facebook, where it's a lot easier to 'chat' and that was that – we sent a million messages back and forth, as Em was ill when we got in touch, and I was in chemo. Lots of sleepless nights made for long messages :o)

She was such a support, and such a mine of information. And the story below is like a miracle. It should give hope to all women who are going through or have been through ovarian cancer – there's never a day when you shouldn't feel that things can get better. No-one is a statistic.

Way to go Em!!


From RED magazine.

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  1. Ah, thanks darlin! You've been an absolutely brilliant friend and it's been a total pleasure having you in my life over the last couple of years :-) xxx


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