Thursday, 25 March 2010

such a week!

Monday I was a bit frantic as usual, as the 3 month check up was looming on Tuesday. Even though I've recently had the laparoscopy and biopsy and been told there was no evidence of cancer [by the beenied surgeon!], I was still worried and tense. With cancer you just never know – it seems could sneak back in an instant…or it could remain dead and nuked for good [this, of course , is the ideal scenario]. It doesn't seem to matter what one's been told or when – the worry is still there. But happily, my CA 125 was back down to 7. SEVEN!! Who hoo – that was nice to hear!

It's always such a relief.

Tuesday night was the Secret Guide to Women's Health, which also worried me a bit – I mean I'm not exactly TV material, and we didn't see the final cut before it aired, so you never know what you're going to look or sound like. Thankfully, it seemed ok to me. The FH was fab – made me cry to watch him – it brought it all back. The long nights where I was awake in fear of my life, the days where the FH would make every effort to take me somewhere that would cheer me up – the horrible chemo…being bald and frightened. Being on Planet Cancer.

A lot of it was cut, but Hani came over with loads of info, so it worked. Well, it must have, as so many women have been in touch with me since the program. I am amazed – before I had cancer, I wouldn't have been interested in it. At all. I don't think that's unusual  – after all, it's a pretty horrible subject right? None of us wants to think about dying. Particularly dying a horrible painful cancery death.

But these women are interested because they want to know how to protect their lives. And that's the whole point – to make women aware. Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cancer in females in the UK and the second most common gynaecological cancer after uterus. You'd never know it would you?

In the UK it affects over 6,800 women a year, and we have the highest death rate in Europe. The incidence of ovarian cancer is highest in USA and Northern Europe and lowest in Africa and Asia. Ugh – not good. I should have stayed in Africa! So being aware of the symptoms is vital – early detection saves a lot of lives.

So, here are some pics from the film set!

From left to right; Dr Rosemary, Coleen Nolan, me and Professor Hani Gabra.




Apart from that, I have been doing a million things – still trying [how frustrating is the internet sometimes??] to upload Hacker Design stuff and Ecobeds to various web sites.

This morning I had an interview just to 'see' my portfolio. We will see if anything comes of that. Doing logo work for Ecobeds and Hacker…excel sheets of prices, packing and weights blah blah. Address data base, email database...and of course stuff for the Riviera Tile & Bathrooms bunch! Posters and web site and then need to get cracking on killerpaint web site too…uff

Yay – busy!!


  1. Definite congrats on the CA-125 reading! That is good news!

    Good for you for being such a good spokesman in regards to ovca. Keep Advocating!

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing the show (somehow) the clip i saw was brilliant but as you said, it brings it all back, i cried!

    So chuffed about your CA125... yahhhh you xxx

  3. they're going to post it on YouTube thanks to the feedback...hmm. Is this a good thing? ;o)


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