Monday, 22 March 2010

woo hoo – on the tv tomorrow…

Saturday I watched the video clip from the SKY Real Lives programme, burst out crying and went into 'bad temper' mode. Why? Who knows! My check up is tomorrow too – that certainly doesn't help with equilibrium.

I'd never seen it. I was supposed to watch it as my 'back story' when we did the filming in London. But I couldn't, as it has the FH doing 'my wife is amazing' stuff in it. Messes my head up totally. He is so amazing.

Anyway, we are not sure if we will be able too watch it, as we can't work out which channel it will be on [if any] on Virgin cable. We think it's on 282? We will see tomorrow!

I can't embed the video, as their code doesn't seem to work, but you can see a clip here.


Sky Real Lives 2: Tue 23 Mar, 10:30AM

Sandhy Robinson Jones talks candidly about her experiences of dealing with Ovarian Cancer. See more from her on The Secret Guide to Women's Health.

Unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer in January 2008 Sandhy Robinson-Jones has been treatment free for a year. She is living with the constant threat that her cancer will return.  Sandhy wants to raise awareness of ovarian cancer which is frequently misdiagnosed because of its ambiguous symptoms.
DSC_0009_72 Sandhy Robinson Jones, 47

In December 2007, having felt tired for seven months Sandhy went to her GP having noticed her usually flat stomach was swollen and a tiny bump in her groin. She was quickly referred for a scan and was told there was a growth on her ovary that looked like it could be malignant. Sandhy was shocked - it had not occurred to her that she may have cancer. Sandhy had a full hysterectomy and oopherectomy (to remove her ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes and omentum) and her bowel was scraped where the cancer had spread. She then had a six month course of chemotherapy.
The hardest part for Sandhy was losing her hair through her chemotherapy treatment. Nobody had warned her that not only would she lose the hair on her head but the rest of her body hair too. She was also unaware that she would put on weight because of the steroids she was taking. Sandhy has the unwavering support of her husband and two stepdaughters.
Sandhy now devotes a lot of her time to raising awareness and providing support for women with ovarian cancer. She is doing the Relay for Life this year to raise funds and has set up a mutual support group for ovarian cancer sufferers on Facebook. Sandhy is committed to helping women recognise the symptoms of ovarian cancer so they can get help quickly. She does not want anyone to have to go through what she has.

Sandhy Features in Episode 6 of The Secret Guide To Women's Health which looks at Cancer.

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About Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is the second most common kind of gynaecological cancer with nearly 7,000 women diagnosed in the UK each year, around three times the number of cases of cervical cancer and only 30% of those women will survive for more than 5 years after.
Currently the risk of developing ovarian cancer stands at approximately 1 in 48 for women in England and Wales. Ovarian cancer is often referred to as the ’silent killer’ as it is difficult to detect and treat.



  1. I watched the video and you look mahvelous and so does "FH" or your hubby and so sweet that he got teary-eyed. You even look good bald! Too bad you had to discover how great you look bald by chemo. Yuck!
    Let's shave our heads in solidarity.

  2. no - I look good bald in that 'lucky' photo - actually I looked dreadful mostly. And that would be a big fat NO to shaving my head! Eek! Shudder the thought woman! ;o)


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