Monday, 1 March 2010

ovacome: awareness month in the UK


See ovacome's new launch here! More later – I really must do some gardening before it starts raining…



  1. I've rang for a pack.. I'll make sure round my way are aware too xx

  2. Hi, Sounds like I've had a similar experience. I was 43 when diagnosed last year with stage 3c. Couldn't find any info on the web apart from at cancer reasearch uk. THe hospitals here in Perthshire were not really working for me so I went to Birmingham for surgery. I've completed my chemo and am now having follow up in Edinburgh. Have written a story about my experiences as I want to share them with other women but can't find anyone who wants to publish. I've now just started my own blog - Would be good to talk. Is Ovacome your own charity? How are you fund raising? How can I get involved?

  3. Ovacome is not mine - but I am an avid supporter :o) They are great - see their web site - there is a forum if you register. Lots of us cancery types on there, all had / have OC. Very useful. To get involved, simply call them and they'll advise. The number is on the site.

    I saw your blog - you seem to have a had a total nightmare! So, keep in touch :o)

  4. Bless you! My mom was diagnosed in June of 2009. We had no family history of this disease and knew very little about it, nothing actually! I started googling and THAT was scary! I couldn't believe how little information was out there as opposed to breast cancer. More power to you, from my mom and I!!

  5. hello Mom and I ;o) yes - google is pretty terrifying. I knew nothing either - ignorance was bliss until I was diagnosed.
    Hugs to your mum - we can beat it. We are not statistics


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