Thursday, 15 April 2010

amazing women

I was lucky enough to meet Heidi Yssennagger on the set of the SKY Real Lives program. She has suffered horribly with Crohn's Disease, yet when I met her she was as chirpy as you like and her life is filled with 'doing' things.

Heidi talks candidly about her experience of Crohn's Disease on The Secret Guide to Women's Health. Watch it on the 20th April at 10pm.

Heidi has suffered from Crohn's Disease since she was fifteen years old. She has had surgery resulting in her having an ileostomy. During one of these procedures Heidi contracted septicaemia and then MRSA which almost killed her.

Heidi joined the local art college and it wasn't long before her experiences started to appear on her canvas and in her sculptures. She has continued to use art as her therapy and has an MA in Fine Art.

"Heidi Yssennagger’s art concerns itself directly with issues relating to body image, identity, and health."

If you'd like to view her work, her dates in June for exhibiting are now confirmed;

All part of a travelling Stoma convention for Dansac, she's going to be a busy girl in June! See a snippet of her TV interview below.


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  1. I thought this lady was very inspiring. Bright cheerful and realistic.


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