Friday, 9 April 2010

my interesting day

Ok – this is what I'm doing while I look for a design job. And don't get me wrong, cleaning is great [actually I love it!! no stupid persons telling one what to do and how to do  it – result!] – it's just making the beds that transforms me from a sweet little babe to a Demon-Like Raving Lunatic!!

Duvet Covers and Valances are the work of the Devil. That's that. I can't remember when I last SAW a bloody valance, and now I am swamped with the bloody things…look nice, but [really!!] they are a pain in the ass when making beds!! Once one has tucked the sheet away army style, one notices that [oh yes] the bloody valance is stuffed under the mattress too. Hmm. What? Hmm you say? I say F**K!! LOUDLY. In every cabin!

Monday I raced into work and the rest of the day was a total chaos – today I went in and it wasn't so frenzied, and that was rather nice. I had lists. And forms to complete. Ok. It still took me 6 hours to clean 4 chalets – WHY do people have FLAT sheets and VALANCES?? The last time I saw a FLAT sheet was in 1975 before my Mum discovered fitted sheets. After that – well, fitted sheets are the bomb! Duh!!!

This is my new company car; actually I love this thing – it's Hell on Wheels! I can run over golfers with it…cool!

fingle 003This is the chalet that I am now the Executive Maintenance Manager of:

fingle 001

God my life is funny! And I love it – except for the valances… ;o)


  1. Fitted sheets are the best invention! But they are terrible to fold and store on the shelf. Still..that inconvenience is more than made up by the ease with which they go on a bed.

    We recently went to a motel near a large medical facility. The motel catered to patients. We picked a more inexpensive room (which was still high $$$ to our way of thinking). The sheets were not only flat, they were also too small for the bed and each morning they were pulled completely loose everywhere!

  2. Thanks alot! Now I'm gonna be wondering about that valance under the mattress all day! LOL! I will have created a million scenarios by bedtime. It will consume my thoughts all day, I just know it! Enjoyed your post!

  3. hahaha - noo - do not think about valances! they are Evil!
    Whitestone - you really should have complained ;o)

  4. valances are lovely - if you only make one bed once a week - making 16 beds at speed? nooo - they are horrid! ;o)


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