Wednesday, 14 April 2010

'that' video snippet

well I never did! The code finally works for pasting this into one's site. I know a lot of you wanted to see this and couldn't, so here it is. I am now wondering if it will help me with fundraising for the WOMEN V CANCER cycle? At least it may give me a little credibility!

If you feel like it, please donate here. Thank you!


  1. Oh Blimey ! What can I say ? I was so chuffed to see you two but also very emotional !! Love you both and well done for being so strong and such good fighters . Rock on !!! xxxxx

  2. thanks sweetie! Will post the program itself on YouTube when I get the dvd from SKY.

  3. once again i watched it and once again i blubber!! let me have the dooings mate and i'll put it on mine too, anything to help more with sponsorship xxx
    Love Ya xx


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