Saturday, 10 April 2010


wow – I am really worried about raising the K4 for the WOMEN V CANCER cycle ride…I was dreaming about it last night! I only need to raise K2800 to be allowed to go – but half of that is spent on my flight, accommodation etc. So I really want to raise K6 if I can…K4 minimum…aaargh!

BUT, I have a marketing manager! Yay me. Julie is on the case! What a relief – she understands very well about fund raising, having done many Cancer Research Relay for Life thingies. She is going to do a 'Golf Day' for me, and we are apparently going to attack Exeter City Football Club, Torquay Football Club and the Sandy Park Rugby Stadium??  Ok…bring it on…I need money or I get disqualified.


Also, Julie is going to be my trainer – she takes the circuit training class I usually go to twice a week. Now she is going to cycle with me [even though she hates bikes!] and we are going to see if the local gym will allow me to do swimming for free – the best training in my mind – swimming is such a whole body work out. So we'll do that together – although Julie swims about 300 lengths in one hour, where I shall likely simply sink… But I can't afford it right now, so we will see what they say.

Already approached the local football team Chairman, Dave Hitt, today and he thinks that the Committee will do something. yay! Thanks Ju!

My friend Mark goes trail cycling at Haldon Hill, so I am going to see if I can accompany him. I really need to find my limit NOW and improve on it.

Oh, and I need a bloody cycle helmet that fits 'hair'! And I need to learn to use my GEARS! I never use the gears and the FH goes mad…well, I shall have to learn, as the third day is 98km. A steady climb into the Nyeri hills. Reach the equator at 83km [and probably drop down dead immediately]. Uff. NERVOUS!!!

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