Friday, 9 April 2010

the first WOMEN V CANCER cycle ride

OMG!! I don't believe it – I am actually going to do this. So, first see the web site here. Then read the rest of this. Which is not as interesting! Well. It is – for me anyway!


I really wanted to do this ride – the FH sent me the link while I was in Portugal, I looked at it, and it just seemed a dream come true. Firstly, raising funds for ovarian cancer research. Research is what saved my life. Bring it on!!

Since I have been watching Simon and Ben, I have been thinking how amazing it is that these men are out there on our behalves – generating funds that could literally save our lives. And as much as we support them [they are amazing! follow them on Twitter Simon - Ben ] it would be good if we could do 'something' for ourselves too. Just to follow their example. Oh, and to pull our fingers out too!

Secondly, it's in AFRICA!! I LOVE Africa, and I miss it so much. Kenya is beautiful – I was there. And I loved it.

So. Funds for research. Africa. Made For Me!! BUT the registration fee was £250.00. I can't afford that right now as I am with no work. After I tried to register, I had to cancel. But they have your details anyway and they emailed me.  Amazingly [really amazingly!] they gave me a special dispensation. I paid it  – so I am IN!! Woop! Next October, I shall be cycling 400km [248 miles] in Kenya…

So – how lucky am I???

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