Friday, 9 April 2010

the Machine that is the airport

My God – I arrived back in the UK to complete chaos [there's a surprise eh?]. Four planes landed at once at Bristol Airport, and the usual irritating B.S ensued. First, no buses. Then, no stairs [I would quite happily have jumped to the tarmac at this point].

Then, herded like cattle through the passport control, where there were only FOUR controllers. What?! Do they not know all these planes are arriving at once? Uh, patently not.  None of the automatic passport machines were turned on [grr] so there were lots of delays. Some jumped-up lard ass was shouting at people in the queue to not use their mobiles – what? They delay us through their incompetence and we can't call people to tell them? Pah. Get a life Mr I Am So Important…not. I have seen this same man a few times passing though this airport – would rather like to beat him about the head with my [not allowed] handbag…

Eventually emerged from The Machine that is the airport to be greeted by the much missed FH. We got home at 2.00 in the morning…ugh. I started work [more about that later] at 9.30 on Easter Monday. So, no unpacking, simply go to bed. Jump up the next day and into mayhem.

Get home, unpack and complain a lot about valances…ah, such is life.

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