Friday, 30 April 2010

chaos mode

Blimey, what a week! I seem to have a lot of these 'what a week' things. This week my friend has been rushed back into hospital for complications after his surgery. The furniture business has ground to a shrieking halt, as he makes the stuff. Hmm. Oh well, we will have a holiday until he's well again.

My  other friend is STILL waiting for results on her scan - this is now getting ridiculous…three weeks? For a cancery type? Er…NOT good. Anyway, we will hear on Tuesday. In the meantime, we are all off to a Cancer Wellbeing Roadshow in Torquay tomorrow, at the Grand Hotel. Nice! We have a lecture in the morning and the afternoon, a 1 and a half hour lunch [yay!] and tea at 3.45.  Should be nice and relaxing. Julie is driving us, as I have the FH's lorry this weekend. Hmm - not the best mode of transport! The FH has trundled off to see the kids in Stoke.

We've been having a lovely week off [unfortunately, due to the ash problem, we didn't go to Spain as planned] -  FH has been sorting out the 300 year old window sills - they are rotten. Lots of filler there! I have been doing the garden - it's really starting to look good. The first time in 10 years I have actually been home long enough to enjoy it.

I am considering having a 'Tea and Fairy Cake' day to raise funds for the Women V Cancer thing. I have a friend who BAKES!! So I will likely charge a fiver entry to see the garden - then maybe 50p for a cuppa and another 50p for a fairy cake. Everyone seems to think that's reasonable, so hey ho here we go - will do it once the flowers are up and out. Probably get Judi Spiers to make an appearance, as people love her. And they should she is fab!

We have been trundling to pubs too. This is at the  Waterman's Arms. A lovely sunny day, we really thought about booking in for the night! This is the FH doing his thing with a half pint…he was driving. Yay!


DSC_0013 And we went to my favourite nursery for some plants to build the hanging baskets - Hill House Nursery. It is still a 'proper' nursery - no blasted fleecies and 3000 different types of potpourri!! They sell PLANTS. Oh, and they have a superb tea room, where I had home made broccoli and stilton soup, and the FH had a home made scone with jam - apparently the best one he's ever had since his Mum made them.

This is under a tree in the tea house garden. Bluebells out!


I have also been going for interviews at graphic design houses, and doing [hilarious!!] waitressing at the Valance Hotel…this is more fun than the chalet cleaning, as one literally boils half to death. Plus, I am used to it, as I did it years ago. The first day I had a table of 85, one of 25 and sundry other normal tables…I had to have a cheat sheet for the dessert menu, and the Chef had to tell me what everything was! But I really enjoyed it - nothing like a good frenzy to get the blood flowing! And nothing like a rude Chef…they are ALL the same ;)

In the interim I have been FUND RAISING! Thank you so much everyone who has already given - it's amazing how kind people are. We're all broke - I know that, and yet people still GIVE! Wonderful….


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