Sunday, 18 April 2010

what a day

last night I went to the Exeter Night Walk with Judy Spiers - quite fun, but as I hadn't asked for sponsorship, I didn't do the walk - I just took photos of all the crazy women who did do it. It was in aid of MacMillan and ELF. It was bloody FREEZING cold - they did well to walk 10 miles in that! Here's the Nail Fairy with Judy. Love that dress.


and here are Judy and Julie doing the first warm up - they did one at 8.00 and another at 9.00


Anyway - we had a fabulous day today - the sun was out, it was HOT, I got into the garden with the fork and spade and the FH fixed the patio heater. Which had refused to light. Ever. Well, now he's taken it apart [and I am sure there were at least 30 screws involved], and put it back together, it works! yay! And my garden is starting to look lovely. I have been digging things up and moving them around. I always love the way the garden looks in the Spring - space between each plant, and it always 'seems' so organised. Chaos comes later when all the herbaceous plants have gone crazy in their individual efforts to take over the world. The best thing being that THIS year, I can actually DO the garden! I feel so much better now; it's amazing what a difference a year makes.

Once we'd finished our various bits and pieces, we took to the steamer chairs and lay in the sun…with a few glasses of Pinot and some good reading material. And pizza! I ventured my Brazilian bikini - why not? No-one can see me and I need to get the new scars sunburnt. The FH had the Times and I have the amazingly good book by David Pritchard, 'Shooting the Cook' handily donated by The Judster. It's really very amusing. I recommend it. And I also recommend sunscreen, as I have sunburnt bits that are making it hard to type!

One other thing happened today that made me feel really good. Happy. I had an email from someone who has apparently been following the blog for ages, as she battled her own ovarian cancer.  She's a cyclist too - woop! I can drain her brain for the Cycle Kenya. But it so touched my heart that my blog helped her through her own cancery crap. I don't write this for anyone other than me - it's an outlet for frustrations, anger, happiness etc. Sometimes I am sure my darling readers want to batter me, as I am not politic, and I don't 'think before i write'. I simply write. It's like free therapy for me. So to know that this blog, silly as it is sometimes, has really helped someone else? well. That's priceless.

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