Thursday, 24 December 2009

happy Christmas! natal feliz! joyeux noël


Happy Christmas everyone – thank you all so much for the comments, advice, support and amusing cracks over the year.

I know that my 2008 and 2009 and been pretty [well…um…] – exhausting? Interesting? Sometimes completely revolting [think of the hair colour here!].

Well, third time lucky and 2010 is going to be a cracker for all of us.

All the best for the New year, wishing you all health, happiness and a bit of wealth wouldn't go amiss! Have a great holiday!

With lots of love to everyone, from me and the FH



  1. Merry Christmas to you from Iowa, USA, and may 2010 be a good and healthy year for you.

  2. Happy Christmas Sandhy - and a very healthy and wealthy new year!! :)

  3. A cracker for all of us!!! here! here!

  4. woop! thanks girls - great to hear from you all - and we WILL have a great year!

    I INSIST ;o)


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