Wednesday, 23 December 2009


I get such good service at my hospital. Actually I just learned today [from John Renninson] that they have been named a Centre of Excellence for Gynaecological Cancer. So, I am very glad I live in Exeter!

Right – what happened. We had a bacon and eggs and toast and coffee in order to be fortified for the meeting. I felt like going in my dressing gown. But as it's 3° out I thought better of it.

We met Renninson, who had come in specifically to see me and have a chat about the Scary Scan Thing. I am not sure why, but all the specialists were wearing striped shirts and striped pants. One had on a bright pink waistcoat and looked very designery…with a little goatee no less. Very festive fellows.

Renninson said that they can see something on the scan, what appears to be a 'thickening' where they had to [his words] "rip the tumour off the things it was growing onto". Ugh. So it could be scar tissue. Or it could be a recurrence of the cancer. But his odds were 50/50, and that's really good coming from him, as he always errs on the side of  caution. Worst case scenario is that it's a recurrence. Best case is that it is scar tissue.

The plan is that in January I will go for another MRI scan. He discussed doing a PET scan with me thanks Nat!], and isn't keen on doing that, as he said it shows up 'hot spots' but it still wouldn't tell him for sure whether or not it is cancer or scarring. So, a pointless thing to do in my case. And I would rather have less scans if possible, so that's ok by me.

So, the MRI; then we will have a pre-op meeting [where I get to see all the scans, yippee], compare the scans, discuss what's going on and then he is going to do a laparoscopy. Yay – 'minimal invasion' sounds good to me. He will put the laparoscope in through my belly button, then another one [or two, depending on how he gets on] lower down in the abdomen. The difficulty he may have apparently is because I have had such major surgery, there may be a lot of scar tissue getting in the way. Lets hope not.

He will then take a sample of whatever it is [the SCAR TISSUE!!] for a biopsy. So, if all goes according to plan and no bowels get punctured etc. I will be in and out in one day. Then we will know what it is [scar tissue!!] shortly after. Renninson was quite nonchalant, and said he doesn't know what it is, but if [worst case] it's a recurrence, WE will deal with it. Cool.

We will. I think I startled Renninson rather, as I gave him a big kiss. Well, he is saving my life :o)

We both felt MUCH better after the meeting, raced off and did a fun last minute Christmas shop, then went for tapas and wine at La Tasca. Then we came home and I had a zillion photos taken by the Times photographer. I think it's going to be in tomorrows paper!


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  1. That sounds like a likely scenario (scar tissue) since it was just 'thickening' and not something more sinister. Good news Sandhy! And laprascopic is good news too!!

    Happy Christmas to you and AJ - may this new year be uneventful (except for your finding an excellent job!)


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