Saturday, 19 December 2009

looking for work

today is the first day of my Christmas holiday, and I was bumbling about the internet looking for jobs, and I came across this on Libby's Hope. I have just emailed Louise at Ovacome to see if we have anything similar here in the UK.

Looking for work is odd – it is both liberating and frightening. Liberating in that I am hoping to find something really creative and challenging, where I will learn new things, meet new people and also be able to share what I know. Frightening in that I don't really want to have to meet a whole lot of new people. Why, I don't know, as I talk to lots of strangers all the time, and none of them have bitten me yet! Probably because people get arrested for biting one another in the UK.

If I go only for freelance work, nobody needs to know I had cancer last year. All my cancery stuff goes here on the blog, and on the thread with all my darling girls on FB. If I look for full time work, it's a different story. I will have to complete one of those forms that I used to tick all the 'NO' boxes on…now I will be ticking the 'YES' box, and no doubt have to write a saga about having had about cancer. Although Dr Bradley said employers are far more concerned about people with bad backs than people who've had cancer. He suggested I offer to be on a trial period, so that [his words] "they can be sure I am not about to drop dead every three days". I love my GP – he does make me laugh.

My confidence is at an all time low. I have 3 million things to do, so of course I have done nothing. I really need to get a grip. Fast.

I am hoping that once I have the scan results, my mind will clear and I will stop wandering about in this 'WTF?' haze. I am sure the BH feels the same – I am probably a total pain in the butt right now.

I think tomorrow I will clean the entire house. Or wash the car. or sleep all day. Or whatever.

This may be of use to all you girls in the US.


  1. I hope you find something really soon. I so know where you are coming from about looking for work, I am not at the moment but if I do in the future I am terrified of it. 5 years at home with the brats and several serious bouts of depression tends to put people off I think! I know not the same as The Big C but still a huge stigma I have to lug around. Big hugs!

  2. cancer does suck BUT what you've been through [and are going through] is just as difficult.

    we shall prevail!! just don't tell anybody anything! ;o)

    and I shall design beautiful catalogues for you to sell your fabulous photos.


  3. I truly believe that employers will be fighting over you. You are AWESOME in so many ways. Love your wit, intelligence, compassion & so much more. ♥


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