Wednesday, 23 December 2009

the Times

I think the Times article is in tomorrow. We will check on-line here and see in the morning. After our nice lunch today, a photographer chap came round and took a billion pics for the Times…I had face ache afterwards from smiling. It was a good day actually – we had fun. After expecting it to be ghastly, we were quite chuffed. It could have been a lot worse.

Here you can see the chaos I have wreaked on my hair. The ChestNUT colour – oops…. Aj took pics of the chap taking pics. He moved half the house around, but he was a lovely fellow, and it was quite fun.

Then I was on the phone for an hour to Lins, for a quick catch up [we do this about 4 times a year and it's always hilarious] then I collapsed on the sofa. All the worrying last night left me sleepless, and now I am shattered.



Theo is on his knees here [below] – how he avoided cracking his skull on our low door lintels I shall never know. He also narrowly avoided landing on his butt on the patio, as it is frozen into a mini ice rink! Note Facebook page in the background, as that is what the article is about I think. It is written by Murad Ahmed, who interviewed me by phone last week.

Networking on FB, and how fab FB is…but also with some Ovarian Cancer Awareness added, or they will be in trouble ;o)

Tomorrow off to Mum and Dad's for lunch – woop!



  1. woo hoo.. my mate... famous again... your a top notch bird... and look how your hairs grown too!! its a lot longer than it was when i met you.. looking good chuck xxx

  2. thanks - bit of a funny colour though innit? ;o)
    Don't think the article's in today!


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