Thursday, 17 December 2009

in the meantime….

we went to Brighton the weekend before last. Our friends have an amazing apartment there. I didn't really know if we should go or not – we are such a miserable pair of so-and-so's at the moment. A: it was the weekend before my CT scan appointment, and B: I'd just discovered I am to be unemployed as of December 31st, so I wasn't sure where my head would be at [in fact I was so worried about my 'head' that I went to see the GP who gave me some meds 'just in case'. I felt as if something had come loose in my brain]. I am already worrying about finances. I didn't think there was room left in my head for any more worries, but it seems that there is infinite space for that! No room for remembering things, but plenty for  stupid niggles. Annoying.

Anyway, after a small discussion, we went – and we were so glad we did! Jack and Bill gave us a lovely weekend. It was like a mini holiday – they really spoilt us half to death. It was such a relief to be away from the house, such a delight to look out the window over the Lawns directly onto the ocean. We just chilled out the whole weekend; the most energetic thing we did was to have a wander round the Lanes. Sunday was sunny. Monday Aj and I collapsed and Jacket and Bill went off and did stuff. I don't think I've ever spent an entire day doing NOTHING – not that I remember. It was strange, but we patently needed it. We are both exhausted. The waves were 20 feet high. The view was spectacular, even in the pouring rain.

And Bill cooked breakfast every morning for us [my favourite thing!] and Jacket was a wonderful hostess. We came home lovely and chilled out. What would we do without friends that just DO stuff for us? We'd be much poorer.

Here's the Room with a View. Amazing to just stand on the veranda and look at the sea.


Then we got home. Back to reality. Bang. Next thing: the Christmas dinner! And I am STILL waiting to hear about the CT scan…bah.

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