Saturday, 19 December 2009

I hate [really hate!] waiting

well, today I got a tad peeved with the 'waiting' scenario, so I called my surgeons Clinical Nurse Specialist, Gail. It's always an answer machine, but they ALWAYS call back the same day. Bless 'em.  So I left a message basically saying "aaargh gimme my results".

An hour later Jackie called me [there are two, Jackie and Gail] to say that Mr Renninson would be looking at my films on Tuesday. I know this is their big 'meeting' day, from old experience. I was just hoping they had stuffed me into THIS Tuesdays big hanna hanna. Unfortunately they had not. Jackie went on to say that she could not access the radiologists files, so she couldn't give me any information, and that, yes, it would be better to wait for Renninson's prognosis. But the way she said it made me nervous. But then again, anything could add to my nervousness right now, so what can you do?


What do they think? It's been TEN days! I had the scan last Tuesday and then just forgot the damn thing?? Trundled on with my life with nary a care? Just became Mrs. Blasé? Well, I did not. I have been hanging on a thread every time the post arrives. Every time the phone rings. Aaargh! Merde, this last few weeks have completely sucked. First, no contract, next the exploding toilet [yes, yes I will tell you about THAT in due course], then this. Bugger. And that's putting it mildly!

So. Until Tuesday. In the meantime I shall likely be impossible. Sorry. Not.


  1. Hey, I know the wait is killing you. It does seem like a really long time. I subscribe to the no news is good news philosophy and so should you:) Have a great weekend, I won't tell you not to think about it because I know you will...but hen it does surface...given it a moment of your time and then move on:)


  2. Kia is wise. :)

    Oh - that wait is SO frustrating!! I can understand, because my other doctors made me wait long for results too!

    Just remember that the scans are what they are. If there was something really serious there, I'm certain he would have contacted you by now.

    Next time you see him, maybe you could work out a better and faster way to get results. Let him know exactly how much stress this is causing you. We are not children! Maybe you could start popping your 'happy' pills? This may be the perfect time to start them, to help alleviate some of this stress.

    Sandhy, you are deep in my thoughts. Try to find distractions until Tuesday.

    Big hugs to you!!


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