Monday, 21 December 2009

today's inventiveness

Now that we're on holiday, we can do some of the stuff we've been MEANING to do for ages. We wrote all the Christmas cards…late as ever, but better late than never. The FH trundled off out into the Big Freeze and posted them all.

I have finished my C.V and applied for a few jobs, but I don't expect to hear anything until the new year, so I am leaving the rest until then. Nobody cares about jobs right now, they just want to be on their hols.

Here's today's excitement [for me anyway!]. I discovered how to take a music track and make a little film! It is pretty basic, but as a first shot at it, I'm quite chuffed…I seem to have all sorts of interesting things on my computer that I didn't realise were there. And I wrote the copy for the advert too – another first. Quite fun.

So we've slapped it onto the Facebook Page, and the website. Hopefully lots of peeps will see it and race down to the shop in January and BUY lots of tiles!

Now back to the drawing board to get my portfolio sorted out…


  1. It's always cool learning new things. And if you've got your Christmas cards in the mail, you're way ahead of me. I wish you well in your job hunting, but Girl, relax over the holidays, will ya?!

  2. hello....get a job and quit lagging.


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